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Welcome to Kathy Martin Bookkeeping Services

Profit & Loss Accounts

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Income & Expense Summaries

Balance Sheets

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Tax Returns

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Do you DIY?

OK, let us tell you

why you shouldn't!


Clubs, Societies, Charities . . .

we can help you prepare or audit accounts for your next AGM!


We understand why you might be doing your own books. Often, start up or small businesses have a perception that accountancy is expensive (and we agree, it can be!) or that it is 'not a necessary expense'.


But have you ever tallied up all the hours you spend on your books? It will be more than you think! Wouldn't those hours be more productively spent working on your business? If you do your books in the evening or weekends, you're also giving up precious time that should be used for the pleasures in life.


We think you'll be really surprized at just how little it costs to place your paperwork hassles with us. As well as freeing up your time you'll benefit from accurate, up-to-date books that meet your business needs and obligations. You'll avoid the risk of costly mistakes too. We know you won't regret it.